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From traditional styles to art nouveau, designing is our passion. We take inspiration from timeless values and modern trends to create pieces that evoke beauty, invigorate your spirit and elevate occasions into unforgettable moments

As a jewelry manufacturer committed to the highest standards of excellence since 1998, you can wear your jewelry with confidence, knowing that each Peora piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity in accordance with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Jewelry Guidelines.

Our Head Office is based in Southern California, which is where all our product designs, development and order fulfillment are located. With over 25 years of experience, we are still growing and evolving as a brand, continuously thriving to offer the best diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces our customers demand.

Peora Jewelry is sold through as well as through our distributors locally and worldwide. To date, all jewelry pieces are only sold online.



Tour of our overseas manufacturing facilities

How our jewelry is made

Our jewelry is unique and it involves a lot of time and skill. All our pieces are handmade except for the casting process which is done by casting machines.

Manufacturing Process Flowchart

Here is a brief overview of our manufacturing process:

  1. Concept: Each piece starts of with a concept. A concept is basically a rough design in the mind of the designer. The designer will draw rough sketches creating a feel of the design. Each and every designer is unique; therefore, the sketches reflect the designer's personality and passion.
  2. Selection: We gather all the rough sketches from all the designers and select the ones that truly reflect the trend and possess intrinsic beauty and simplicity.
  3. Sketching: The selected rough sketches are then sent to the design department which will create detailed sketches of the design.
  4. Mold Making: Mold making is process in which a design is taken and a master mould is created. The mould makers take into consideration the size of the gemstones and their gram weight. The master mould then becomes a part of our design bank.
  5. Production Planning: The production planners decide which designs to produce and their respective quantity. Once production has been determined, the master moulds are transferred to the casting department.
  6. Casting: The casting department takes the production schedule and casts the pieces in the casting machines. Each casting machine is capable of producing hundreds of cast every few hours. Casting is basically a low wax process in which molten wax is injected into the master moulds to create a wax and all those waxes are arranged in a tree form. The entire tree is then put into the casting machine. Silver is then poured into the machine and replaces the wax.
  7. Stone Setting: The casted pieces are then sent to the stone setting department, where stone setters set the gemstone into the casting. This is a very delicate, time-consuming operation that requires a lot of skills.
  8. Polishing: After the stones are set, polishers take each and every piece and polish it by hand with the help of rubbing wheels.
  9. Finishing: The finishing process involves taking the polished piece and subjecting it to a proprietary technique which gives the silver piece a white gold look. Our silver jewelry do not have the typical yellow look to them; instead they look like white gold.
  10. Quality Control: Each and every piece goes through our rigid quality control department. Each piece is checked for accuracy in casting, stone setting and finishing. If a piece does not meet the required standards, it is rejected immediately.
  11. Packaging: Each and every piece is carefully packed into individual poly bags and numbered.
  12. Shipping: Completed pieces are sent from our factory to our distribution center.

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