How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Matches Her Style and Personality

How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Matches Her Style and Personality

There’re so many things to consider when buying an engagement ring, but one thing’s for sure – it should suit her style.

Before you get down on one knee and ask her to marry you, have the right ring in hand. Our award-winning collection of fine jewelry offers you a large selection of diamond-alternative stones that’ll express your love. Let’s take a look at different styles and engagement rings to match them.


A classic gal is someone who admires all things timeless – songs by Elvis or a book by Mark Twain. She’s a big believer in heirlooms and keeps them close so they can be passed down to her loved ones. She craves the simple things in life that have extra special meaning. An excellent choice for this lady is an engagement ring with a design that has proven the test of time: Cathedral. A popular favorite for decades, its raised setting holds the center stone in a way that allows plenty of surface exposure for maximum brilliance.

Classic London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

From Peora’s collection, our genuine London Blue Topaz ring (R62844) will sweep her off her feet. The deep rich blue center gemstone is covered in cut-by-hand facets and placed within highly polished 14K White Gold. The shanks are accented with glistening Diamonds as they lead up to a gorgeous cathedral setting. A combination of classic blue and icy white offers a time-honored look for years to come.


Does she search e-Bay for retro-inspired clothes and décor? If so, you may have a vintage gal by your side. Her love of past eras drives her to play her 1970s turntable or watch "Mad Men" TV series for the tenth time. She gravitates toward things from days gone by, yet appreciates quality and workmanship.

Vintage Blue Sapphire 14K White Gold Engagement Ring

Ideal for this type of lady is our Lab-Created Blue Sapphire engagement ring (R62508), sure to take her breath away. Featuring a traditional cushion-cut center in bold blue, it shimmers from a checkerboard finish that reflects light to perfection. Carefully detailed shanks in 14K White Gold are lined in pavé-set genuine White Topaz gemstones to create a look that’s reminiscent of tiny-bead milgrain, a common design element in vintage jewelry.


This gal’s always on the go! She’s comfortable in the gym as well as the great outdoors. Her outgoing personality requires an engagement ring that’ll easily complement her day, no matter what it brings. Best suited for this lifestyle is a ring with a prong setting. This design element ensures that stones are held securely in place and won’t snag on anything.

14K White Gold Created Emerald Solitaire Ring

Combining function with fabulous, this ring (R62838) features a single Lab-Created Emerald stone in a square-edge princess cut set on the axis. A pair of prongs on each corner - eight in total - fastens the lively green stone in its solitaire setting. From every angle, this ring dazzles from a cut-by-hand faceted finish and smooth shanks of highly polished 14K White Gold.


It’s not all rainbows and unicorns for this gal. She’s a special person, first and foremost, who’s down to earth and proud of her romantic side. She loves deeply and intensely, and shows it with frequent candlelight dinners and spontaneous weekend getaways. Surprise her with a ring that celebrates your very own story.

14K White Gold Amethyst Heart Solitaire Ring

Sure to be love at first sight, this engagement ring (R62328) captivates with big splash of color from a vibrant purple genuine Amethyst gemstone covered in gorgeous cut-by-hand facets. The heart-shaped center is placed in a solitaire setting so that light can enter from all sides, and the highly-polished smooth shanks in 14K White Gold reflect and enhance the beauty of the Amethyst.


This type of gal is easy to spot – she carries herself with complete confidence and calmness. At a party, she’s the one with impeccable manners, and at home, she gets up to speed on current events and museum openings. Refined to the core, this elegant lady doesn’t settle for average.

14K White Gold Halo Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Bridal Set

That’s why something like this bridal set (R62934) from Peora is ideal for her. Give her the engagement ring now and have the matching wedding band readily at hand on the big day. Both rings burst with an abundance of dazzling icy white Cubic Zirconia stones against 14K White Gold. The large center surrounded by CZ accents cascade down the shanks for even more radiance. Cut-by-hand facets across the surface enhance the ring’s overall beauty with amazing texture. Seal your promise with this duo that’ll sparkle for a lifetime.

Your incredible journey together begins here

The perfect proposal begins with an engagement ring. Before you honor your vows with "I do," make sure you’ve all your bases covered with a ring that suits her unique style. At Peora, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of diamond-alternative rings and bridal sets crafted by talented designers. We also offer bracelets, pendant necklaces and earrings in all colors, shapes, sizes, styles and prices for both women and men. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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